Hosted Desktop

The Business Hive hosted platform is specifically designed with the client to ensure it meets the need of the business. Servers can be deployed to allow data storage and specific application needs to be hosted in a total cloud solution within the Business Hive. This means a business can continue to run all the vital applications they need, exactly like an on premise network.

Hosted desktop can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, 365 days of the year, as long as there is an internet connection. The system is very secure and uses encryption to transfer data to and from a location whether inside or outside of the UK. This service is currently in use with customers all over the world from Asia to the USA.

As part of the service all of the Business Hive customer’s data is automatically stored in multiple locations and backed-up in alternative secure UK datacentres. The service includes Anti-spam and Anti-virus filtering, plus added security features such as multi factor authentication can provided if required. The team also manage the upgrade of operating systems so when Microsoft change their platform so do we.

For additional piece of mind included with Hive Hosted Desktop is a full I.T. Support and Monitoring service. This provides a dedicated I.T. Management Team who are always on hand to offer support and constantly work hard to improve the client’s infrastructure and user experience.

Why not think about….

The Business Hive offer a full range of Internet Connectivity services to suit any type of business. Leased lines are delivered as a fully managed service and are essential for an organisation that needs high performance and reliability.

  • Servers can be created for data storage and specific applications
  • Not just a generic cloud based desktop solution
  • Based overseas or locally users access the same set of applications and data

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