Lyness Accountancy Practise

The Challenge

Part of their daily operation is to provide business owners with the tools they need to create increased profitability, whilst ensuring they are compliant with legal and regulatory financial requirements. The obstacles to this were ensuring their bespoke applications and software could be used from anywhere in the world and with any clients. Being able to share information was key, but such unique applications had never been developed in the cloud before.

The Impact

  • Systems were old and out of date so became difficult to use and unreliable.
  • High number of support issues being reported, resulting in lost time.
  • Security of data was becoming an issue.
  • Remote working was virtually impossible.

The Solution
After serious planning to co-ordinate upgrades and replacement of applications to make them compatible, the existing onsite server solution was transferred to a totally Cloud Based Desktop environment. Dynamic features were a welcomed addition to the applications and remote scanning and printing were added providing users the option of flexible working. Security limitations were incorporated limiting access to the systems by user and geographical area.
Email was transferred to the Hosted Exchange service providing accessibility to emails via portable devices 24/7. To guarantee connectivity to the datacentre a lease line was integrated into the main business premises. As extra piece of mind a limited offline solution was provided to use should internet connectivity not be available to ensure continuity of work even in the most remote location. Finally to cope with the growing need to interact with clients a solution was provided giving the ability to view and create web media. The end result was a complete I.T. solutions package to deal with every aspect of their daily business operation.

Our Comments

Computer systems are integral to the success of any business. If and when your systems fail, we are there to help you. The world of I.T. is ever changing and we have to change with it, from migrating emails received by our clients to our datacentre to removing all servers from your office, so you can work anywhere, anytime.

No matter the issue we have the solution for your business. Talk to us and you will see the difference is clear.

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