The Challenge

Branches across the world operated from a common software platform however each site operated the software independently. They held their own files and copies of common company files within their own in-house I.T. As the business was expanding there was a need for all sites to operate from one I.T. system, so that everyone across the world shared the same files and also operated from the same version of the primary business operating application.

The Impact

  • Management and group accounts were difficult to produce as each branch of the business operated independently.
  • It was hard to manage version specific data to ensure employees were using current versions of drawings or sales presentations.
  • Senior management spent many hours travelling around the world from site to site as it was not possible to share files and data.

The Solution

Hi-Force Management team opted to centralise their I.T. for the entire business using Hosted Desktop, this solution allowed the company to consolidate all the data for each of the offices around the world, creating one point of access to information for everyone. The Hive team created a full infrastructure of servers to support the business applications and data storage. Then created time zone specific desktops so that each branch operated from the systems within its own time zone.

The solution also included the replacement of most of the companies PC’s with Wyse thin client computers. As the solution was a fully hosted service there was no longer need to operate PC’s and the Management team liked the Idea that the company could use Thin client workstations to access the Hosted Desktop.This reduced cost as thin client computers were rented at a fraction of the price to replace a PC.

Our Comments

This has been one of the most exciting projects the team have worked on, we are proud to have been able to customise a comprehensive cloud based solution for the High-Force group.

We travel all over the world to connect in-house software and systems, this means our customers don’t have to.

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